What is the best coffee maker for home?

With the wide variety of coffee makers available on the market, wondering which coffee machine is right for you? Making the correct choice for what is the best coffee maker for home may seem complicated, and yet you have to choose the model that suits your tastes and habits! Do you like to start the day with a good bowl of steaming coffee? Do you often receive friends at home and prepare a coffee tour for them after meals?

What is a coffee maker?

To prepare or serve coffee, you use a device or container called a coffee maker. The shapes of the coffee maker vary depending on the mode of operation. It was by infusion or decoction that coffee was prepared at the very beginning, methods that continue to exist. The coffee is placed in two parts separated by a compartment of the coffee maker. Hot water is added to the top. There are several kinds of models to know.

What are the different types of coffee makers?

Espresso Machines or espresso coffee makers

The automatic espresso machine is the ally of all coffee lovers who want coffee prepared according to their tastes. This coffee maker has several aromas of modules, which give you a varied range of choices. The steam nozzle allows you to prepare different types of coffee: long coffee, strong coffee. But also to make multi drinks milk drinks such as Cappuccino or Latte with milk foam as well as other beverages based on espresso coffee or even creamy hot chocolate. It is best at home coffee makers.

The hot plate or cup warming tray allows preheating the cup of coffee so that your coffee is at the right temperature from the first cup of coffee. The coffee flows through the spout, a flow meter sends signals that the coffee flow has stopped when the required volume is reached.

The automatic espresso machine is very simple to use and also easy to maintain. In particular for certain models of machines with a descaling program that allows easy cleaning in record time. Is it the right answer to “what is the best coffee maker for home” for you?

French Presses

A simple and economic coffee maker for quality coffee. A French press coffee maker is an easy-to-use manual coffee maker that can be used anywhere, while still providing aroma-rich coffee. It is also called coffee makers for campers. A French press is a cylindrical container with a lid and a plunger that allows you to squeeze the mixture of coffee and hot water. To get your coffee, you should: pour between 5 and 10 grams (depending on the desired intensity) of medium-ground coffee into the bottom of the container. Then, pour the hot water leaving at least about 3 cm of free space at the top of the container. Leave the coffee in contact with the hot water for 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the desired coffee intensity. Finally, lower the plunger of the coffee maker to the bottom of the pot by pressing the handle.

It is an economical coffee maker, simple and quick to use while making it possible to obtain a coffee rich in aroma very popular with coffee tasters. However, due to the small capacity of the container, it is especially recommended for people who make only one or two cups of coffee simultaneously. French presses that produce around 10 cups of coffee are rare and at high prices compared to others.

Coffee Percolators

A percolator is a principle of coffee extraction which is based on steam. This system is used both for a professional coffee machine and single serving coffee makers for individuals.

The percolator head keeps the water at a temperature of around 90 °. It produces pressure, which allows the coffee to be extracted in just a few seconds.

The percolator can even provide a specific steam nozzle outlet for frothing milk like a cappuccino. The coffee percolator is more and more popular because it does not require the use of a coffee filter while offering a good quality of the coffee.

The water is sucked by a pump from the water tank to the boiler of the machine. Then the steam stored by the percolator head allows the coffee to be extracted, whether it is contained in a ground coffee (ground coffee) or in a pod or capsule. Another steam outlet can be provided for making milk foam, for example.

Cold Brew Coffee Makers (Not ice coffee makers)

This is another choice to answer your question, what is the best coffee maker for home. A cold brew is ground coffee soaked in room temperature water, then filtered; the concentrate produced is then mixed with water, ice, or cream. The soaking method will take up to 15-24 hours. In principle, all cold brew coffee makers produce a concentrate of coffee from freshly ground beans. It can then be stored in the refrigerator or immediately diluted with another drink of your choice (water, cream, milk, etc.). etc.). However, this process varies depending on the type of brewer you choose.

How to choose your coffee maker? What is the best coffee maker for home for you?

There are some essential criteria to consider when choosing a good coffee maker due to a large number of coffee machines on the market today. Among these criteria, there are the features and the type of filters that are the first to consider.

There are also functions to consider, such as…

  • The selection of seeds
  • Preservation of the aroma
  • The dosage
  • Programming options

If you like things to be a little more rushed, there is also the Thermobloc function. There are also reusable filters, easy to wash, or other disposable after use. But it is also possible today to buy a connected coffee maker that can work in your kitchen if you are equipped with a good Wifi Amplifier.

It is necessary to take into account its maintenance, which is, it is reminded challenging to do. It is, therefore, required to adopt a coffee maker that self-cleans (self-cleaning function). Obviously, prices vary depending on the ease of use and functionality of the device. To make the right choice, you must also take into account energy consumption, noise during use, as well as its ability to quickly prepare a drink.